Double sided DL leaflet design

DL leaflet design

This DL leaflet was designed as a double-sided artwork with each side displaying information about activities of the Feel Good Centre. Using an uplifting background themed with the organisation’s primary colours of orange and green, these eye-catching leaflets were printed in laminate matt and fit easily in a standard letter envelope. Their compact size makes them ideal for leafleting yet provides more space than an A6 to fit in as much information as required.

Website Design: B’s Bites

bs bites cafe

B’s Bites is a South London start-up specialising in African homemade, feel-good hearty dishes and popular Nigerian pastries. For this company, I created a leaflet (see below) Google place listing, social media – Instagram page and a clean engaging website. Click through to the B’s Bites website to explore the functions

Website Design: Pur Eco

Pur Eco is an emerging startup in Germany with a focus to provide cleaning services to corporate businesses, institutions, public spaces and some domestic settings. The website I designed for them is clean, informative yet colourful and easy to navigate. It is adaptable to visitors in multiple locations and Chrome and Firefox browsers can easily translate the German text to English or any other desired language. Try it for yourself at

Website Design: Listening Ears

As a national UK charity, Listening Ears has a sizeable web presence which I was instrumental in creating. From website design to social media integration, Google listing, search engine optimisation and ensuring readability across a range of devices and platforms. The Listening Ears website is designed for optimum accessibility by its user base of vulnerable adults and third sector organisations.


Website Design: Rosebud Centre

The Rosebud Centre website is tightly packed with a volume of photographs, videos and graphics. In designing this website, I utilised a theme that was not only user-friendly navigation wise but also easy to update by staff, volunteers, facilitators and temporary workers. The homepage features a video highlighting Rosebud’s key activities yet saves space on hosting by embedding the content from YouTube. The website is fully integrated with other social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram.

The numerous blog pages are carefully tagged and categorised to achieve maximum search engine optimisation results, which is evident from the high ranking of the website through Google searches for keywords such as “young women’s project in London


Website Design: iAfrika

iAfrika is an emerging non-profit that is developed around information sharing and research. Using a colourful theme and high-contrast layout, I created iAfrika’s website to reflect its work in the community and show aspects of its strong cultural foundations. The domain itself deviates from the usual .com, or .net variety, instead opting for .africa which further plays on its name, geographic location and field of research.


iAfrika: Centre for research and Praxis
Advancing peace education and healing culture in Africa

Website Design: OtaNEWS

OtaNEWS is a regional news outlet in South-West Nigeria which required a robust online presence to keep up to speed with its increasing number of young readers. My role as a developer involved the creation of OtaNews’ website design (WordPress), Social Media integration, Search Engine Optimisation, Sub-Editing, Feature Editing, Content Generation, and Content Writing. As a WordPress site, it is very user-friendly and is set up to allow contributions from editors, staff writers, and guest writers for one-off features.